Village Church

Village ChurchThe old church received a fresh new coat of paint to the exterior in November 2010. Tour Home

The Pleasant Valley Methodist Church was built by the entire community of Pleasant Valley, south of Oakland, MD, in 1903. Services and community events were held in the Church until 1993, when it began to fall into disrepair.

Hearing that the church may be destroyed or burned down, Arletta Bittinger contacted Spruce Forest and made arrangements to move the church here.

Pleasant Valley Church originally had kerosene lamps with reflectors as a light source, a Burnside stove right in the middle of the center aisle, and an old pump organ for the choir’s music. Frank Custer, who served as janitor at the church when he was younger, remembers getting to church an hour early to get the fire going so that the church would be warm for church-goers.

Today with its new high arched windows and modern heating and lighting, the Church is a venue for Christmas music during the annual "Christmas in the Village" celebration, traditional music jams, occasional classical music concerts organized by Music at Penn Alps, and private weddings.

The Church is available to rent for private weddings and vow renewal ceremonies. Call the Village office for more information. 301.895.3332