Doug Salmon
Metal Smith

Doug Salmon, Metal Smith

Doug Salmon has been a professional metal smith since 1972. Focusing on jewelry and sculpture, he works primarily with brass, copper, silver, and steel. He uses a fusion welding technique to achieve the best color match and unique “molten-liquid” forms. As well as creating his own work, Doug is currently a professor of jewelry and sculpture at Frostburg (MD) State University , and Director-at-Large of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, where he has also served as President, Vice-President of Standards, and Board member.

Doug has come to Spruce Forest Artisan Village not only to make and sell his own work, but also to develop an apprentice program for emerging metal smiths. Spruce Forest gives young artists an opportunity to make and sell work, interact with a critical public, and learn aspects of owning and operating a small business. Here Doug and his apprentices receive feedback, both from other craft artisans in the Village and from visitors, that is invaluable in the creative process.

Doug has selected a number of students and recent graduates of Frostburg State University to work in his shop. Among the 2006 interns are jewelers Emily Rollins, Elliot Fielding, and Shannon McGee. Each has a distinctive style and each one is making and selling work in the metals shop in the Red Shed Studio, just inside the entrance to the Artisan Village .


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