Miller House

Built by Benedict Miller, Amish Bishop, and his son Joel B., in 1835 near what is now Springs, PA. the Miller House was moved to this campus in 1986 and restored in 1987 as an Anabaptist Peace Center. Hosted by volunteers from across the United States, June-October, this home, furnished with Miller family treasures, provides a context for the accounts of Benedict’s benevolence, as well as the story of the spiritual and social foundations of this mountain community, once known as Brothers’ Valley. The Amish way of peace allowed the early white settlers to build communities along side the Shawnee and other Indian nations.

Evidence indicates that Miller house served a triple purpose: a home, a place of worship, and the first school in the area. Always open to the needy and to the traveler, Benedict Miller’s homestead stood for charity, good works, and strong faith.

Miller House is one of the finest examples of early craftsmanship in the area. A close look reveals carved beading and joinery common to the finely crafted log homes of the mid 19th century.

The Miller House is open during Village hours and dossiers are always needed to host the Miller house and inquiries can be directed to the village office. Contact us for details.