Gene Gillespie

Gene Gillespie, Woodturner

Gene Gillespie is an accomplished artist and craftsman who has been working with wood for forty-seven years. Nineteen years ago, he began turning wood on a lathe. His turned work covers a broad spectrum, ranging from the simple childhood toy, a top, to ornamental hollow vessels, unique bowls and bark-edged vases.

Gene's pieces are pleasing to the eye and create a natural desire to be touched. When handled, one experiences the sensuality of the wood as well as the beauty of the design. He turns from a variety of local woods and often integrates their natural characteristics and interesting imperfections into the finished pieces of art. He also enjoys combining exotic woods from around the world into beautiful functional pieces of art for the home.

Gene works in the Bear Hill School at Spruce Forest Artisan Village. He lives in La Vale, on the side of a mountain which is located in Western Maryland.

"When handled, one should experience the sensuality of the wood, as well as, the beauty of the design." - Gene Gillespie

Studio Hours

Usually Open: 10-5 (summer hours)
Closed Sunday, Thursday


Phone Number: 540-336-5127