Mike Edelman
Metal Sculpture

Mike Edelman, Metal Sculpture

Mike Edelman is a graduate of Frostburg University. He has been a resident metal artist at Spruce Forest Artisan Village since 2006.

Over the years he has been featured in numerous exhibitions. Edelman was one of 38 metal workers selected to participate in exhibit "Iron Forged, Tempered and Quenched" in 2010 which celebrated the rich history of American blacksmithing by bridging historical and contemporary works to illustrate the wide variety of techniques and processes currently practiced in the U.S. The exhibition was one of the most significant exhibits of blacksmithed objects in decades.

Using a traditional medium and modern equipment, Edelman creates contemporary forged artwork. He uses steel, copper, brass, and aluminum to create wall pieces, furniture and pedestal sculpture. His work pushes the medium into new nontraditional and abstract places.

His work is in many collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Studio Hours

Summer Hours (May 1-Oct 31)
The forge is open Monday through Saturday, closed Wednesdays/Sundays. Usual hours are 10-4.

Winter Hours (Nov 1 - May 1)
Saturday, 10-4 (weather permitting)

*Hours will occasionally vary from ones listed, please contact Mike prior to making a special trip out to the shop

Additional Information

Mike Edelman has recently renovated the Miller Shed into his Blacksmith and metal working shop. To view more work by Mike Edelman visit: medelmanart.com.


Email Mike at mikeedleman@spruceforest.org