Spruce Forest serves a unique purpose in the Allegheny region. Here in the heart of what was once known as Little Crossings, artists have developed designs, genres, and even media specific to this area. Spruce Forest is a venue not only where artists showcase and sell their work, but also where visitors have the chance to interact with artisans inside their studios. Six resident artists and many visiting artists share their stories, technical advice, and creative processes with our audience of 60,000 each year.

The artisan program is part of the Village’s larger mission to preserve the heritage of the region. Through a storytelling program in the Anabaptist center, Miller House, our visitors experience the words and wisdom of the settlers who came here almost 200 years ago. The Amish and Mennonite communities lived peacefully with Native Americans and other settlers, developing the strong Appalachian farming tradition.

Our visitors experience the agricultural foundations of Little Crossings and the whole region at Stanton’s Mill. Built in 1797, the Mill was modernized over the years and functioned until the mid 1990s. Recently restored, Stanton’s Mill now operates much as it did in the 1800s, during the height of the National Road commerce.

The Artisan Village fronts on the historic National Road, Route 40. We have plans to build a visitor center that focuses on the place of the National Road and its predecessor roads, Braddock’s trail and Nemacolin’s Trace, in westward expansion and economic development of the region. Little Crossings still boasts an original inn dating back to 1818, the historic Casselman Bridge, and thirteen restored cabins, including Compton’s One-Room School house, where schoolchildren today can experience life in a schoolhouse of yesterday.

Of course in order to meet our mission and offer our unique programs, we must ask for donations. All donations are tax deductible and checks may be sent to:

Spruce Forest Artisan Village
177 Casselman Rd
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Thank you for helping Spruce Forest Artisan Village to preserve our cultural heritage and showcase its legacy.

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Volunteers are welcome and essential to the programs at Spruce Forest Artisan Village. We need help with administrative tasks, groundskeeping, and special events. Musicians are encouraged to join us for informal musical performances. 

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