Casselman Bridge

Casselman Bridge

Located on the eastern edge of Grantsville, MD in Garrett County on Historic U.S. Route 40.

Casselman River Bridge State Park
c/o New Germany State Park
349 Headquarters Lane
Grantsville, MD 21536
(301) 895-5453

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Casselman River Bridge State Park is a 4-acre parcel located on the eastern edge of Grantsville in Garrett County on U.S. Route 40. It is a popular area for fly fishermen, photographers and history enthusiasts. Erected in 1813, and still standing as a picturesque relic of Maryland's early transportation history, the Casselman River Bridge, with its 80 foot span, was the longest single span stone arch bridge in the world during the era of the National Road.

The arch caused skeptics to predict the bridge's collapse once construction was complete and the supporting timbers were removed. The skeptics were wrong, however, as the bridge stood, serving as an important link on the National Road from 1813 to 1933. At the foot of the bridge stands the Spruce Forest Artisan Village which is comprised of historic building moved to the site from various locations in Western Maryland and restored. Adjacent to "Spruce Village" are the Penn Alps Restaurant, an historic structure that dates to 1818, and Stanton's Mill, a working grist mill originally established in 1797.

In September 2013 the Casselman River Bridge celebrated it's Bicentennial and turned 200 years old. To commemorate this milestone famous artist Mark Stutzman captured the bridge and surrounding area in an idyllic image. Spruce Forest AV has used this image on a poster available for $25 as a donation to help support village operations. Please inquire to the Village office for more information.